Santa Cruz

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Santa Cruz History

As early as 1774, a Franciscan padre traveled north along the beach from Carmel, and located the site for Mission Santa Cruz at the other end of crescent Monterey Bay.
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The Twelfth Mission
Mission Santa Cruz sits on a gentle slope surrounded by the beautiful redwood trees not far from were they meet the Pacific Ocean. When Father Lasuen raised the cross and said Mass on this picturesque location, little did he realize the misfortune and troubled times that would befall the mission.
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Founded August 28, 1791

Learn about the founding Father, get resources for your Mission report, learn about Native Californians, explore then & now, and get art.
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California Mission Santa Cruz

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Mission Santa Cruz

Portola and his men were the first Spaniards to see the California Redwoods while sailing off the coast of Santa Cruz. Father Lasuen put the trees to use when he founded Mission Santa Cruz, or Holy Cross.
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Almanac: California Missions

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California Missions Foundation

The twelfth mission was founded on August 28, 1791, by Father Lasu?n. The Church began in 1793, and was named for the Holy Cross.

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Tour the Mission Santa Cruz

Take a virtual tour of this Mission through some colorful photographs.
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