San Luis Rey de Francia

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Francia History

Although this was the last mission to be founded in the south, San Luis Rey, the “King of the Missions,” came to be the largest and richest of all. A great quadrangle was 500 feet on a side. Learn more here.
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The Eighteenth Mission
Nicknamed “King of the missions”, Mission San Luis Rey was the largest and most populous of all the California missions. Its buildings covered six acres of land and its Native American population reached 2,700 at its peak. Its important location filled the critical gap between San Diego and San Juan Capistrano.
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The ?King of the Missions?

Learn about the founding Father, get resources for your Mission report, learn about Native Californians, explore then & now, and get art.
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California Mission Francia

Check out pictures of this Mission and get a few facts while you?re here.
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Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

Mission San Luis Rey was the last mission to be founded by Father Lasuen. He assigned Father Peyri to complete the mission. Father Peyri spent ten years building the largest and most wealthy of the missions.
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Almanac: California Missions

Get a data sheet for this Mission and view some of the oldest pictures available from this site.
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Mission of San Luis

The eighteenth mission was founded on June 13, 1798, by Father Lasu?n. It was named for Louis IX, King of France (1215-70), who was canonized in 1290 for his crusades to Egypt and the Holy Land.
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Tour the Mission Francia

Take a virtual tour of this Mission through some colorful photographs.
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