San Gabriel Arcangel

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San Gabriel History

The fourth of the California missions, San Gabriel Arc?ngel, had three sites. The place proposed originally was well inland from the ocean on the river now called Santa Ana. Read more here.
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The Fourth Mission
This mission, although one of the most prosperous, was also one of the most difficult missions for the padres assigned there. Located along the well-traveled trails used by travelers from Mexico to Alto (upper) California – and later from eastern United States to the west coast – it was a stop-off point for numerous travelers.
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Queen of the Missions

Learn about the founding Father, get resources for your Mission report, learn about Native Californians, and explore then & now.
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Mission Photos

Check out a couple of pictures of this Mission and get a few facts while you?re here.
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Mission San Gabriel

A story is told that when the padres began Mission San Gabriel that they were met at the river “Rio de los Temblores” by a hostile band of Indians. Read more here.
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Almanac: California Missions

Get a data sheet for this Mission and view some of the oldest pictures available from this site.
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California Missions Foundation

The fourth mission was founded on September 8, 1771, by Frays Pedro Camb?n and ?ngel Somera. It was named for Archangel Gabriel.
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