Courtesy of The Escondido School District

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Mission Sonoma

Mission Sonoma - Image from HABS, coloration by Cynthia Kirkeby

California Mission Report Description

This report template is designed to help younger students create a California Mission Report that focuses on the lives of the Native Americans. The complete report is eleven pages long, and is a fill-in style report. Some of the pages are for student illustrations.

It allows the student to explore the lives of Native Americans before the founding of the California Missions, and how their lives changed afterwards. There are pages devoted to the arts and crafts of the tribes, their homes, and where their tribe was located.

California Mission Report Table of Contents

  • California map showing location and name of tribe
  • Native American Report
  • Native American picture
  • Picture of outstanding crafts this tribe is know for
  • Picture of the Native American tribal home
  • Life of the Native Americans at the missions report
  • Picture of the Native American at work in the mission
  • Bibliography