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Mission San Francisco Solano by JustChaos/Flickr

Mission San Francisco Solano by JustChaos/Flickr

The 21st Mission
The last and northernmost California mission, Mission San Francisco Solano was the only mission founded after Mexico’s independence from Spain. It was also the only mission founded without the prior approval of the Church.
Source: BGe Internet Services

The 21st Mission of the Chain
Learn about the founding Father, get resources for your Mission report, learn about Native Californians, and explore then & now.
Source: EUSD

San Francisco, Solano
Get a data sheet for this Mission and view some of the oldest pictures available from this site.
Source: Joel Gazis-Sax

California Missions Foundation
Alta California was founded July 4, 1823. Founded by Father Jos? Altim?ra, it was the twenty-first, and last, mission to be established. It was named for Saint Francis Solanus, missionary to the Indians of Peru.
Source: California Missions Foundation

Sonoma Mission Tour
Take a virtual tour of this Mission through some colorful photographs.