Learning Links for the California Missions

It?s that time of year again! Kids all over California are working on their Mission Reports and, as always, ClassBrain is here to make finding resources for your projects a much easier process. Here is a list of some sites that have a great deal of information about the 21 California Missions. Have fun!

Mission San Luis Rey by Rennett Stowe

Mission San Luis Rey by Rennett Stowe

California Mission Studies Association
This site is for?the study and preservation of the California Missions, Presidios, Pueblos, and Ranchos and their Native American, Hispanic, and early American past. You?ll find articles, book reviews, an illustrated glossary, a Mission directory, and information about the CMSA.
Source: California Mission Studies Association (CMSA)

California Missions
Welcome to the California Missions Website. The chain of 21 missions along California’s El Camino Real represent the first arrival of non-Native Americans to California. A brief history of each mission is presented here and later updates to this website will include additional information about California’s rich history.
Source: BGe Internet Services

The Spanish Missions of California
Here you can find out who created the Missions and why, take a tour of a typical Mission, learn about the people who lived there, and find out more information about each of the 21 establishments.
Source: Thinkquest.org

California Missions Foundation
Choose your Mission from the left and you?ll be taken to a page with a brief summary and complete directions for visiting. See each Mission?s immediate and long-term funding needs.
Source: California Missions Foundation

California Mission Photo Tour
Get background information about the 21 Missions and take a virtual tour of your particular Mission! Each one has color photos, such as the front of the structure, the grounds, museums, plants, ruins, signs, statues, fountains, and other particularly unique aspects. If you can?t go yourself, this is the next best thing!
Source: CaliforniaMissions.com